About the Cd

david-and-carmenThis CD was made with the love and good wishes of many – the creative team, family, friends and 127 generous supporters who funded the project through crowd fundraising. I launched the fundraiser on my late father’s birthday. Each dollar pledged brought us joy and a sense of connection, and carried the clear intention to help me bring these songs into the world. The day we reached our target, David and I danced up the street, exhilarated by the loving support.

I believe the recording process captures more than just sounds, it also records feelings and intentions. I wanted the Angel Songs CD to be full of positive energy and love, so I focused for 4 months on remaining free from that most human of conditions, worry – about money, time, my abilities, self-worth, everything – and David coached me to stay true to that purpose.

I hope these songs help people move through challenging, sad and lonely times, and that they offer a meditative experience to the listener. I am very fortunate that through David I have met and worked with some extraordinary musicians who share a similar purpose with their music.

A feeling of blessings and grace surrounded the making of this CD and it has been a highlight of my life.

Love and light,

Carmen Aniela

Carmen means song in Latin, Aniela means Angel in Polish