Our Supporters

This CD was generously supported through crowd funding at www.pozible.com. Thank you to all the wonderful angels who have made this CD possible.

Heartfelt gratitude to:


Eternity Ink, Evripides Evripidou, E and E, Jenny A, Joanne Corcoran, Silvana Dimech-Conti.

Choir of Angels

Angela Boyd, Barbara Bossert Ramsay, Mr C. Amirthalingam, Danny Finley in memory of Sally Curran, Jane Badler, K and M, Lenny de Vries, Lisa Warrington, Michael and Loretta, Rod Towie, Sheela Edwards, Simone Edwards and Peter Marks, Susie Nelson-Smith.

Angels of Compassion

Adrian, Aileen Keith, Anna Stoddart, Anni Doyle Wawrzynczak, Anthony Phelips, Caroline Ward, Catherine “Miss Flippy” Flitcroft, Claire Humphrys-Hunt, David Jones, Diane Jeffries, Fiona Evershed, Francis and Prue Crome, Greg Church, James Morrison, JAN, Janie Conway Herron, L & A, May C, Marg Smith, Margaret Parker, Megan Kenny, Nady Cvetkovich, Nieves Rivera, Peta Mc Grath, Raewyn Simpson, Robin Ramsay, Rose Goodenough, Sarah Curro, Sarah Eagger, Tricia Parker.

Messenger Angels

Anthony Audley, BH, Barbara Hermon, Betty Steinhauer, Chantelle Cano, Charlton Family, CJ, Dee Leamon, Gamble family in memory of Claire, Helen Hymas, Helen Ryan, In Loving memory of my Guardian Angel Brahma Baba, Irena Cycon, Iwona Lider, Jo Meijer, Kaz Preston, Kevin Hunt, Luisa Anderson, Maria Dikaiou, Mathias Steffen, P Wawrzynczak in memory of our global clan, Paul Howell, Peter Smith, Prue Scott, Rick Ireland, Shane O’Neil, Sharon Snir, Susan Wayne James and Parker Young, Tricia Constanti, Wayne and Dalene, and 2 anonymous.

Earth Angels

Ann Bidstrup, Andrew Broom, Annemarie De Seriere, Ava Quam, Bill Canty, BJ Long, Brian James, Cath Crock Hush Music Foundation, Craig Duke, D, Deb Kirk, Debbie Thompson, Diana Stathis, Elizabeth McKenzie, GA, Gabrielle Christopher, Helen Blazek, Hilary and Marty, J, Jan Bettridge, Julie Pugh, Karen Whitting, Leanne Hanley, Leon Gaer, Mandy Hall, Margaret McCathie, Michael, MN in memory of Naoise Power, Robert Forbes, Rod Williams, Rondinne Hills, Stella Humphries, Stephen Berkeley, anonymous.


Amanda Campbell, BKKauai, Chris Connelly, Deborah Redwood, Dot Todman, Fran Fitzgerald, Jarek Czechowicz, Julie Aaron-Evans, Rob Brens, Sibylle, Stella Campbell, Venise McLachlan.

We could not have made this CD without your support and loving good wishes.

Thank you,
Carmen and David