About Carmen

carmen2Carmen Warrington has combined creativity with spirituality for over 25 years.  Her passion is to uplift through the arts and she’s created books, songs and guided spoken meditation commentaries to help people connect with their peace and power.

She’s a best-selling author of two books “Today I will ” and “Who Am I? “.  She collaborates with her long-time musical and life partner, musician David Jones .  She’s written and recorded about 20 meditation CDs’ – most recently a series eight guided meditation CDs released through ABC Music.  The series is called “Meditations for Life ” and the 8 CD titles are Relax, Rest well sleep well, Worry-free, Healing, Peaceful, Take 5, Today I wlll and for children, The Magical Forest.  Please visit www.peaceaudio.com.

Also with David, she has released a meditation music CD called The Hour of Nectar , which is the very soothing music of Tibetan, Japanese and quartz crystal singing bowls.

She has guested on several music CDs including Meditations on Love (David Jones), Earth Angel (Megan Kenny) and Opening the Heart to Love (Susie Nelson-Smith).

Her newest creation is the Angel Songs CD, which she co-produced with David, and released in July 2013.
In addition to writing, producing and performing, Carmen is also a bit of a geek, and records, edits and mixes in her home recording studio.

Carmen’s voice is greatly appreciated around the world – people find her voice incredibly soothing and healing, whether she is speaking or singing.

For more about Carmen, please visit www.calmandcreative.com.au

To purchase Carmen’s guided meditation CDs and books, please visit www.peaceaudio.com