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I love listening to Angel Songs which I received today. It is so beautiful, spiritually uplifting and comforting. Your voice is pure, gentle and angelic. It goes straight to the heart. You are blessed with such a gift.
Kate B

Congratulations on your beautiful, magical new CD! Since receiving my copy, I’ve been listening to it daily/nightly and never cease to be amazed at your ability to produce such magnificent pieces. It is so deeply healing and uplifting to listen to your stunning voice and the sounds of those supremely gifted musicians, David, Evri et al, with whom you collaborate. An absolute joy.
Gabrielle Arnold 

It’s absolutely beautiful, inside and out, we love the cover and the pictures, it’s like looking into an Elizabethan dream…. The songs are just so beautiful. I took it to the Mary McKillop Center here in Perth the other day and played it to the nuns there, and they are all in love with it….. They were even playing it in the Chapel!  You have done a great thing, Congratulations
Ava Quam

I’m entranced by the music, your voice and the words of love, encouragement and reverence for life on your Angel CD Carmen. It’s truly inspired!
Susie Nelson-Smith

The music you have offered us in this CD comes from a realm of unconditional love and beautiful compassion for us on the earth plane.  Thank you for being a messenger of divine energy.
Peter Smith

Beautiful Carmen, your superb and magical voice has been filling my home with the vibration of Angels over the past week. Everyone who has come into my home has been blessed by your wonderful CD … every time I listen to the beautiful music and lyrics I hear and feel something new. This is an inspiring and inspired message of Angelic blessings. Much love and thanks.
Dee Leamon

A wonderful and welcome addition to the CD’s with your angelic voice, which have been contributing to my good health and well-being. I cherish them all. A big thank you to you Carmen and to your talented team.
Dirk Berkhout

Warmest congratulations on the Angels CD. It is absolutely like being wrapped in a snuggly reassuring mohair rug! I love it! Every aspect of it is quite divine and utterly beautiful. Thank you all so much.
Jenny Atherton

Thank you for this beautifully healing and meditative CD, Carmen and team. A ‘MUST HAVE’ for my spiritual library, and am very grateful for that. Congratulation to you and your team, Carmen. Peace and love.
Rick Ireland

Thanks so much Carmen for the blessing of this beautiful music and your Divine voice which seems to come direct from the Angels you sing about. Just beautiful.
Debbi R

I highly highly recommend this CD by the amazing Carmen Warrington ‘Angel Songs’ please check it out on I had the most incredible night watching her… I was spellbound…her music is so touching and so ethereal it blew me away…WOW WOW and WOW !!!!
BJ Long –

I love this cd – I find myself singing ” All is well – nothing to fear ” over and over – it’s beautiful …  thankyou Carmen.  I really love the backing musicians on this cd – the instruments are beautifully chosen and played. I feel like there has really been some divine thought gone into this creation. The music goes so well with the songs that Carmen has had the insight to create. Listening to this cd is a delight as it soothes and calms the soul, the words we can all relate too and softly sing along to. Very Lovely.
Linda Cooper

I find these to be extremely beautiful and deeply spiritual “Songs from Angels” and I think you must be an Angel to create them. What a Great Joy you bring to Mankind with your Music. Thank you so Much!  DO NOT miss out on this music.
Feng Shui Master
Gayle Atherton

Many thanks for my copy of your amazing Angel CD. I’m really enjoying this magical gift – very special and beautiful, just like you.  Light & blessings
Helen B

Listening to Carmen’s Angel Songs sends me to a place of peace and calm, her beautiful angelic harmonies and soulful resonating words reach my heart strings every time. A truly masterful CD.   
Peta Minter

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