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More than 200 million ㎡ of sports surface layer has been laid in 10 years

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General Manager Speech
Under the guidance of China's sports power construction program, Bohai sports vigorously develops national fitness and promotes the sports industry to account for 4% by 2035. Under the macro background, Bohai, with its learning spirit of embracing the world and embracing all rivers, takes the health, safety and environmental protection of products as its own responsibility, serving the global outdoor sports scene construction industry. Here, on behalf of all Bohai people, I would like to thank every partner and friends at home and abroad. Let's go hand in hand and achieve better results.
Sports industry will become the pillar industry of national economy in 2035.
In 2050, China will become a socialist modern sports power in an all-round way.
In the future, we are full of confidence. Bohai and a number of partners will work together to maintain rapid development in the R & D, production and sales of outdoor sports venues in China, so as to help realize the grand goal of "sports power construction outline" as soon as possible.

Bsport体育在中国体育强国建设纲要指引下,大力发展全民健身,推动体育产业到2035年占比4%目标宏观背景下,Bsport凭借其博容天下,海纳百川的学习精神,以产品的健康, 安全,环保为己任,服务全球户外运动场面层建造行业。在这里我谨代表全体Bsport人感恩每一位合作伙伴、海内外朋友们,让Bsport携手同行,再创佳绩。

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